Gilmore Girls: List of Episodes You Must See

Granted, it was a pretty big shock to me when I would share the DVDs of this show with friends. They’d look through the list of episodes and then choose which ones they really wanted to watch. I couldn’t believe that some people would fast forward through the theme song or that others would skip certain ones that weren’t pertinent to the show. It turns out that not everyone watches the same 7 seasons over and over. Oh the horror. So I thought I’d put together some of the most important shows.

1. The Pilot: This is where I really fell in love with the show. It’s where we meet Luke and Stars Hollow. I think this is one of the slower episodes. Rory’s voice is unusually low, but it’s where the story begins. The show definitely gets polished over time, so I don’t think this should be your last episode even if you aren’t sure about the show yet. I started watching during later seasons and often wonder if I would have been hooked had I started on the first episode.

2. The Lorelais’ First Day at Chilton: No, I’m not going to name every single show in order on this Gilmore Girls list of episodes, but I’m tempted to. Chilton represents Rory’s willingness to sacrifice in order to meet her goals. She has to leave her friends and has that long bus ride; as well as Paris to deal with. This is a common theme throughout the entire show and sets her apart as someone special.

3. Star-Crossed Lovers and Other Strangers. I love this episode because it shows that sometimes even if you’re dating the perfect guy, it won’t work out…he has to be the perfect guy for you.

4. Dear Emily and Richard. This is the 13th episdoe of season 3. It is kind of a prequel to the story, and also shows the heartbreak that Emily went through. It probably also shows the reality of teen pregnancy more than any other episode.

5. A Tale of Poes and Fire. Again, this is a season 3 episode..number 17. It shows that when you get your dream sometimes you might want something else. Plus, it’s a good reminder that sometimes devastating loss is an entirely new beginning.

Sure, I’m partial to seasons 1 and 3. Sometimes I act like the later seasons aren’t even there. These are some of the more impactful and dramatic episodes. Which episodes do you think are the most important?

9 thoughts on “Gilmore Girls: List of Episodes You Must See

  1. teagirl

    I also love seasons 1 & 3, and I also can’t believe there are people who only pick certain episodes to watch! Although whenever I start watching them again, I always get through seasons 1 to about 4 but then don’t have the same motivation to watch 5-7. I wish there were MORE of seasons 1 – 3!!

  2. Line

    I love “You jump, I Jump Jack”, it’s so fun and exciting, but then again i do love logan:p

    and that one with the road trip, at the cheshire cat bed and breakfast, so funny:)

  3. Catherine

    Is it just me or did they basically end Gilmore Girls the way they started if. in Lukes dinner <3 Which I loved!!! <3

  4. Anne

    Mine would be:
    The Lorelais’ first day at Chilton
    The deer hunters
    Secrets and loans
    The Big One
    A table of Poes and fire
    I liked almost all episodes of season 4 without loving one especially
    I liked Wedding bell blues and Jews & Chinese food from season 5
    None from season 6 and 7

  5. jackii

    I am one of those people who skips the theme song. But I watch all the episodes in order over and over

    I love:
    You Jump, I jump Jack
    Christopher Returns
    Friday Nights Alright for Fighting

  6. lindsey

    I cant watch an episode without watching the intro it just feels wrong its the bit of ocd in me or something( i also sometimes sing along). I love season 1. Every year arond the beginning f autumn i start going through all the seasons beginning with of course that first episode where loralie is in lukes waiting for rory, begging for yet anoher cup of coffee after luke has cut her off. I love that first episode. I also love season five….dont know why.

  7. Sarah

    Gilmore Girls is my all time favorite show and it will probably always be my favorite show. I have seen every episode at least 3 times now and I just started watching the whole series again. I just finished up the 2nd season and I can definitely say that I like the earlier seasons better than the last ones. I am a Dean and Rory fan and not so much a Rory and Jess fan… The only thing that I completely love about the later seasons is Luke and Lorelei πŸ™‚ They are probably my favorite tv couple ever πŸ™‚

  8. chelsea

    i am so totally excited about finding your site! i have been watching the seasons over and over on tv, i have to get my fix every day, and this week i realized its not on anymore! i dont know if it will be back or not, but i am so sad. i have been wanting to come up with a list of movies and books they talk about in the show, and im so excited you already did it! i love every episode and your right, its sad for those who arent addicted…

  9. Z

    personally I would say the rory – jess episodes πŸ™‚ because that storyline was amazing until they ended it! starting with nick and nora, sid and nancy and including all my favourites such as I can’t get started, keg max, 8 o’clock at the oasis, let the games begin etc etc!!

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