Why You Should Watch The Long Morrow

The Long Morrow is an episode of both Gilmore Girls and The Twilight Zone. It’s the one where Rory is trying to figure out why Logan gave her a rocket. I’ve wanted to see the signifigance of this on The Twilight Zone, so I always scour the marathons that Sc-Fy runs. Today Netflix Instant Watch added The Twilight Zone Season 5 and I watched the episode immediately. It’s more important than I would have guessed because there is some foreshadowing there that maybe Rory and Logan will never be in the same place or right for each other.  Has anyone else seen this Twilight Zone episode?  If you haven’t then stop reading now because I’ll be ranting about it.

I don’t understand why Stansfield didn’t just go back to the hibernation room and wait for Sandy to catch up in age to him. Maybe he didn’t want her to have to live 40 years alone and miss out on her youth, as well as having kids. This is one of the few episodes of The Twilight Zone that I really wish had worked out even though I’m glad that Rory and Logan didn’t end up together.

3 thoughts on “Why You Should Watch The Long Morrow

  1. Cloe

    I haven’t seen the The Long Morrow, but I wanted to say I’m so glad to see a new post!

    I’ve been reading you for so long without commenting, but I know it feels good to read even a little encouragement, so, yeah.

    I’m really happy to be able to read you again, please keep going~

  2. Melissa

    Hey! I am a huge GG fan as well 🙂 Please keep blogging about them, I love following your thoughts on my fav tv series of life! lol

  3. iscah mckrae

    Ooh!!! I’ve looked for that episode on Netflix streaming before and never found it. I can’t watch it without my husband (who’s sleeping at the moment) or I’d watch it right now.

    The foreshadowing comment is interesting. Makes sense. I’d always considered its implications ironic, considering the reason they broke up at the end of the series was that Logan WASN’T willing to wait around for her. So much for “true love.”

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