Marry Me

I’m watching Marry Me, a TV movie on Lifetime right now. First off, the awesome, dependable, totally different from everyone else guy’s name is Luke. Also, the actress who played April is in it. At one point she and Lucy Lu are talking candidly and April says “What? Too Gilmore Girls for you?” I think someone who works at Lifetime is a Gilmore Girls fan.

2 thoughts on “Marry Me

  1. Melissa Evans

    I love seeing all the Gilmore Girl players in other settings. Besides an internet advertising commercial has “Kirk” been on any other shows?

  2. Char

    I saw the commercials for that movie and recognized the actress who played April! And here i thought i was the only one. :p I didn’t get to see the movie, but i LOVE that there was a Gilmore Girls reference!

    Oh, and in response to the first comment, “Rory” was in the last episode of ER a few years ago and “Paris” was on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, as well as “Mrs. Kim” (different episodes). I hope there are more, but those are the ones i’ve noticed and can remember off-hand. 🙂

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