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I’ve never really found any of the deleted scenes on the DVDs funny. I watch them because hey it’s more Gilmore Girls right? However, there is one scene that I truly love. It’s from season 3 Rory’s graduation episode the “Those are strings Pinocchio” one. It shows a young Lorelei and Rory settling into their new home at the inn juxtaposed against modern day Lorelei and Rory saying goodbye to it. I think this is the only time we actually see a young Rory, although younger Lorelai has her own episode. Does anyone else remember a time when we actually see a younger version of Rory? (She might appear as a baby in one episode)

6 thoughts on “Best Deleted Scene

  1. Melissa

    Nope, I think you are right about the young Rory sightings. There are a couple pics that are supposed to be a little girl her but I think thats it. And yeah, I watch the deleted scenes for the same reason. Nothing wrong with another extra 2 minutes of GG!

  2. Lindsey

    so as soon as i read this post i had to go watch because i did not remember watching it, but then i watched it and was like oh yeah. young Lorelei bugs me! i don’t know why, she seems like a good fit for a flash back, but for some reason she makes me cringe! i can’t stand the gigi’s birth episode, its like you can see her thinking about her lines and how fast she has to say them.

  3. LeAndra

    Just a little irk here….it isn’t spelled “Lorelei” it is spelled “Lorelai”

  4. Catherine

    Yea there are pics of her in front of there house when she was little. In the episode when she had to go see her pArents and ask them for money for chilton.

  5. iscah mckrae

    Wow…I forgot that scene was one of the “deleted” ones. I’ve always loved it. And, regarding younger Lorelai…it’s weird because she looks uncannily like a good friend of mine, but her, I can buy. Young Christopher on the other hand…*blech!* I’m not a Christopher fan to begin with, but…seriously? *That’s* somebody she was *attracted to*?!? On any level??? I may not love Christopher, but I think they could have done him greater justice. Didn’t look like him AT ALL, and was just…beyond bland.

    Love the little Rory scene. Wish we’d seen a few more flashbacks with the two of them.

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