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I’ve been sorting through the movie list on my own site. I figure that even though I have failed quite miserably at reading through all of Rory’s books I could at least try to watch a few of the movies. I’ve found that a lot of them I have to look up. I’ll admit that most of the ones that they make fun of I actually don’t want to watch. This got me thinking “Umm which movies did they actually like?” So do you have favorites from the movies or music list? I’m having trouble really getting to the very best because there are so many obscure references on the show.

8 thoughts on “Must See

  1. Lucy

    I just started to watch GG movie list which you have here, on your website. I´m watching it one by one (according to episodes) and I can really recommend you Rosemary´s Baby and The Goonies. I also liked Mommie Dearest and Schindler´s list, just a little bit less than first and second mentioned. Enjoy 🙂 (And sorry for my bad English, I´m not from English speaking country.)

  2. Lucy

    PS: In your music list you forget one singer mentioned in first episode of first season. It´s Macy Gray and she´s gorgeous! Also her song played in the background of this episode, the song name´s “I Try” 🙂

  3. Linda

    You may want to skip Boxing Helena…though it seems your list has skipped it anyway. It’s a reference made by Paris to Jamie when he goes to visit her at Chilton and won’t let go of her arm.

  4. Cristiana

    I know that the Gilmore girls are in love with the Godfather. But I don’t remember other movies that they acutally like. I should write them down the next time I watch the episodes.
    I think you did a great job with your blog. I am using your lists in order to find out more about the references from GG.
    Keep in touch! 🙂

  5. Dr. Pretzel

    So I have no idea if you actually read comments on old posts, but whatev. I’m sure you have a life. Which means you do.

    If you have not already, watch Duck Soup. I love the Marx brothers!

  6. Dr. Pretzel


    I just read through your list and Duck Soup isn’t even on it!

    This is wrong on so very many levels. I’m going back to check the list again, because it simply MUST be there.

  7. Katelyn

    The Way We Were of course!

    This is Lorelai’s all-time favorite movie and a must see classic!

    The most memorable reference to this movie is the episode when Lorelai has been crying in bed after her break-up with Luke and calls him to ask him to come over (similar to the call Katie makes to Hubbell)….then proceeds to run to his apartment to steal the tape in his answering machine that contains her embarrassingly desperate message.

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