Where I Went Wrong With the Booklist

When I started this blog I was making my way through Rory’s booklist and quite successfully. I’d easily burn through one book a week. This meant that I should have been finished in 2007. However, I haven’t really read or finished a book in a year or maybe even two from the list. It’s low on my priority list right now so I doubt I will ever finish it. Here is where I went wrong:

1. I started reading other books. When I was really marking these off the list I limited myself to only booklist books. Over time I started getting distracted by other people’s recommendations or best sellers.

2.  I left all of the difficult books for last. For me the front page of the new releases was easy and enjoyable to get through. I went through this almost in its entirety. Then I just had all of the weighty classics left. That was a big mistake.

I know that a lot of fans and bloggers try to document progress through the booklist. Has anyone actually ever made it? If you are trying this how are you accomplishing it and do you actually enjoy it?

4 thoughts on “Where I Went Wrong With the Booklist

  1. Leah

    I am still working through it. I am loving it! I’m about 25 books in, some classics, some modern, some modern classics. Most of these are books that I would have never picked out myself, and I am so grateful for this list because it has really expanded my horizons.

  2. Joanna

    Hello, I admire you! Your blog is fantastic! Good job!

    You can add a movie “Pretty in Pink” – only if U want 😉
    Lorelai show this film in April’s Birthday Party but also before talk about this film with Rory (I don’t remember what’s Sezon).

    Sorry for my English, it’s sucks…

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