The Gilmore Girls Finale

My Pro/Con list from last week had me thinking a lot about the finale. I know that most fans felt there was something missing. I’ve always wondered what other people wanted to see, possibly a wedding?

For me, the show ended exactly the way it should have with Lorelai and Rory together drinking coffee with Luke in the background. If anything I would’ve liked to see a bigger sense of healing between both Lorelai and Chris and Lorelai and Emily. However these relationships were messed up throughout the show so it really would have been unrealistic to have that.

4 thoughts on “The Gilmore Girls Finale

  1. Lauren

    It’s not so much that things were left undone or unresolved. It’s that the last 1 1/2 seasons (i.e. ever since April showed up) were so awful that fans felt like the show ended mid-way through season 6. I watched season 7 for the closure but there was none because the spirit of the show had died. And although everyone blames the fact that Amy and Dan left, they were there for season 6 and were resorting to soap opera drama then. If the show had been steered toward an ending sooner, I think it would have maintained all of the integrity and wit that was lacking in the final 2 seasons and the closure would have been there. But that’s just my wordy opinion. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Emma

    I do like the way it ended, however they did leave some things out. I do think Jess would have come to rory’s going away party, and chris should have been there aswell. I agree with the mending relationships part, that would have been nice to see. What really kills me is that Amy had 2 more seasons planned, and we’ll never know what her ending was! WB made a big mistake on that. I hope one day to ask her

  3. Anne

    The end wasn’t that bad considering seasons 6 and 7. But from the beginning of season 6 it just felt so weird and not intimate anymore. What I love the most about Gilmore Girls is this soft and sweet atmosphere, and it just seems not so comfy at last. Rory is really not a child anymore and she has lost a lot of things I used to love about her, and Lorelai seems to have been too far: she seems to have screw everything up with look, and the inn works well but is not so fun. Sookie is completely jased and can’t bear Jackson anymore!

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