Hudson Hawk Review

Originally this was going to be a review of the movie Arthur. It was on my Gilmore movie list but I couldn’t figure out why I had put it on the list from the episode. Also I couldn’t figure out exactly which movie it was because Arthur was a common name but I also deducted that it wasn’t the PBS cartoon series. I watched this movie for about 37 seconds until Dudley Moore’s incessant laugh made me want to punch the TV.

So to save my electronics I switched to Hudson Hawk. This is a 1991 Bruce Willis and Andie MacDowell movie. It’s about a thief who times his robberies perfectly by singing a song that is exactly that length. Really, this should have been more pronounced in the movie because it was so funny but when Sandra Bernhard tries to take over the world the plot goes in a lot of different directions at once. This was part of the worst movie festival of all time that they put together at the video store in the Richard in Stars Hollow episode. It’s such a bad movie that it’s good.

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