Another Reason Why I Love the Gilmore Girls

Lindsey’s comment on a post really got me thinking. She said that one of the reasons that she loved the show was the brown hair. Then I realize that subconsciously this was probably one of the reasons I loved the show. As a child of the 80’s, almost every heroine, symbol of beauty, or female cartoon character was blonde. This did not bode well for a brunette. So it’s one more reason I love the Gilmores. What are the unexpected reasons why you love the show?

4 thoughts on “Another Reason Why I Love the Gilmore Girls

  1. lindsey

    Yes You are so right!!! even our Disney princesses are mostly blonde! Except Bell, wich is interesting because she loved books and had wierd relationship issues, just like the Gilmore Girls. Come to think of it the Beast is a lot like Luke…..

  2. Hope

    I love the show because for once, reading is portrayed as a real PASSION, instead of something done by only nerds and people who have nothing better to do. And well, also because I’m a feminist and the show also gives the message that them Gilmore Girls can do whatever they want without the help of a man in their house!

  3. Kim

    One thing I have appreciated from the beginning is how accessible their clothing was…at least in the beginning. They dressed like real people. Sometimes Lorelei was very put together and other times, like when she was just hanging out at home, would just throw on jeans, a tshirt and a sweatshirt. Often the tshirt and sweatshirt didn’t even match but that’s how real people dress when they are just at home and don’t care. I also loved that they recycled the clothing because, again, that’s how real people dress.

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