Birthday Week

My birthday is in the beginning of July. Ever since I was little this has been problematic. People always seem to have summer vacations or family reunions on my actual birthday. Plus, sometimes it’s even an extended part of the 4th celebrations. So, my solution to this for the past few years has been birthday week, an idea I got from the Gilmore Girls, I think they did this for Lorelai’s birthday. This allows me to celebrate with several sets of friends and family. Plus, if one of my birthdays doesn’t turn out well then there’s always tomorrow to get it right. It’s something I highly recommend. Anyone else have a birthday week?

3 thoughts on “Birthday Week

  1. Coloradobecs

    I totally always do a birthday week!!! I love it. I have been doing it since before I knew about the GG way of doing things, but now I embrace the whole thing. You would have been impressed by the extent of my 21st this year 🙂

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