Gilmore Girls Sightings

It’s rare that I post like this because usually I’m not that smart. Well, I’m smart but I’m not good with names. So to say “That guy on that show is from Gilmore Girls”, really doesn’t have a big impact. However, in the last week I have seen:

The actor who plays Luke on Gilmore Girls on an old episode of Seinfeld.
Zach from Gilmore Girls on True Blood although it seems he has aged 4,000 years.
Jon Hamm from Mad Men was just on an episode of GG that I was watching (The auction one). I’m sure that the last time I watched it I didn’t know who he was.

Have you had any unexpected Gilmore sightings lately?

30 thoughts on “Gilmore Girls Sightings

  1. Maddison

    funny you should write about this today, coz the actor who played Logan popped up every ad break last night, coz he was on an episode of … umm…’the good wife’ maybe?

  2. parsley

    Nice topic here. Well, I saw Lauren Graham in the trailer for a new movie “It’s kind of a funny story”, I think that’s what it was called. I think she played a mom. And I saw Alexis Bledel in this new movie that’s a bit obscure (I think it’s called The Good Guy), but basically she has to choose between two guys and she’s a very cosmopolitan girl.
    Elsewhere, I noticed Zach on True Blood too and I got creeped out by the sudden change in character and age, especially since he’s into Arlene (who couldn’t possibly be more different from Lane). That’ll take some getting used to.
    Sookie I think is going to star in a new TV show…I saw her in a promo. It was pretty cute too.
    Oh and of course I saw Logan in The Good Wife and I am happy to report he plays a sleazy little bastard, just like he should (unintentionally mean towards him).

  3. Carmen

    Hi ! First of all, excuse me because my comment isn´t related with the question you made ! I only wanted you to know that I´m a follower of your web, and … it´s great ! (Obviously, I´m a great fan of GG) . Thank u for the time you spend with the web…!! You´re doing a great job!
    Greetings from Spain,

    (And sorry about my english, I should improve it !) 🙂

  4. Taylor

    I saw sookie in the backup plan. It took me a while to realize it was her because she looks very different. And Lauren graham is in parenthood but that’s not new it was just weird to see her be the mom of another girl that is nothing like Rory

  5. Stacey

    Not exactly sightings but I recongnized some people in the show that went on to do other stuff later. I saw the guy Lorelai dated (coffee/fishing guy) when recently rewatching the second season to be the guy who plays Bellas dad in Twilight. And several cameo appearances of people who later appeared in Hero’s, two other than Milo. One of which was Hero.

  6. Jessica

    Kirk is from St. Louis which is the area I live around so I see him a lot. He is also on all those commericals. It drives my husband crazy when I say ” Hey you see that girl right there? She was in Gilmore Girls.” and it has gotten to the point where he says “Who does she play?” LOL

  7. amanda

    sookie is going to be in the new movie with josh duhamel and Katharine Heigl called Life as We Know It.

  8. josh

    ok I know this doesnt go here but I need help. My girlfriend said that I would win her heart if I could tell her what episode in either the 5 season or above has a part in it that the movie they watch in the show is about a space shuttle or something space related. She has given me hints but she told me to somehow figure it out, so I figured that someone on here might know. please email me back if you know anything about what im talking about or if you have more questions.

  9. Caro

    Scott Patterson was on a couple of episodes of 90210. Of course then there’s Logan on The Good Wife and Lauren Graham on Parenthood, but that’s not very unexpected, I guess 🙂

    On a different note, I love that you’re still writing about GG. Everyone else seems to have forgotten about it.

  10. Teresa

    Logan’s dad was on Glee…he played the very religious father of the pregnant cheerleader…he was still a jerk 😉

  11. Ralph Kramden

    Okay, not related to this post…BUT… . Remember the day Michel was looking all gloomy and Lorelei asked him what was wrong and he, Michel, said “Ahn-wee”? Then, entering the kitchen, Lorelei found Sookie looking all glum and she told Lorelei that she, too, felt “ahn-wee”. Remember? Well, turns out “ahn-wee” is a word…spelled, actually, ennui. Ennui means listlessness and dissatisfaction due to lack of excitement. I had no idea that “ennui” was actually a word. Yet, there it is in Tolstoy’s “War and Peace”. Did you or any of your readers know that “ahn-wee” was actually “ennui” and a real word? I just assumed Michel was trying to say “ornery”.

  12. roe cataldo

    ive seen alot of them on various shows and one thing for sure is that when one of them pops up on the screen its like seeing an old friend,, i miss the days of watching them with my daughter and we have bought the whole collection of dvds and are in the middle of watching it all over again…. but i will take them on anything ,, just good to see them all….

  13. Phoebe

    Lauren Graham was also in an episode of Seinfeld. She dated Jerry and there was a whole thing about being on the speed dial. its weird because the only thing that looks different is her hair.

    And I just have to say I am so happy i found your blog. gilmore girls has got to be my all time favorite show. my family hates it. my dad absolutely loathes that i still tivo it years after the show ended but I love it. I love the wit and the quick banter and the pop culture references. Every once in a while I catch a new one. I was still in highschool when the show was on so unfortunately I didn’t understand a lot of the references they made. And now thank god for the internet because I can just google the books and movies they talk about. I just recently started reading about dorothy parker and she’s undeniably hilarious. She has such a dark sense of humor. I can’t wait to buy one of her books. I’ll definitely be reading more of your blog in my own quest to become a gilmore girl.

  14. Hayley

    I saw the actress who plays Gypsy on some show on Disney Channel. The one about the baby. Charlie something. Sorry for my lack of knowledge

  15. Mina

    Yesterday I wached “Cheaper By The Dozen” at my friends birthday party, and saw Jared Padalecki (Dean) in 2 scenes. I know it is not a new movie, but it was funny seeing him in something else.

  16. Alyssa

    Suki is going into her new tv show, I think it’s called Mike and Molly or something? Anyway I looovvveee this show! And this is an awesome website;)

  17. Lindz

    Jared Padalecki is on Supernatural now, I believe. I don’t watch the show, but I’ve seen him on the commercials.

  18. Wallace

    I walked by Kirk the other day after breakfast. It was in Silverlake (Los Angeles neighborhood). He was wearing very baggy jean shorts and a football jersey (and I’m pretty sure some blush). Almost didn’t recognize him because of it, but it was definitely him.

  19. Jackiii

    Sookie has litterally been everywhere lately. She was in the backup plan and has a new tv show and was on private practice
    Gsypy was on pretty little liars and she played a fortune teller which i thought was kinda ironic given her name and all on gilmore girls
    Paris and Richard and Max Medina and Mitchum were all on greys
    Luke has been on 90210
    Lane I also saw on private practice a while back
    I saw madeline somewhere but i cant remember and im pretty sure she was blonde
    April was on young and the restless for a while. she annoyed me there too. shocking
    Lindsay was on vampire diaries
    Lucy is always the best friend in basically every rom com (27 dress, confessions of a shopaholic)

  20. Sandi

    April was recently in Parenthood and was the science study partner for Lauren Graham’s t.v. Son. But she is still annoying to me! Sorry, just my petpeeve.

  21. iscah mckrae

    Naturally, April is in “Switched at Birth” (one of the main stars)…really like her character, actually.

    Had almost completely forgotten that Asher Flemming was “Captain Crane” in the series Avonlea…again…actually LIKED that character. (Clarification: I didn’t like Asher. I actually *did* like April…just not what her plot line did to Luke and Lorelai…or the fact that her existence seemed contrary to everything we knew about Luke.)

    Anybody remember TJ as Piccolo on “SeaQuest” or in the “Bohemian Rhapsody” scene of “Wayne’s World”? SO strange to see him that young now!

    And, the first time I saw Richard Gilmore, it was in the role of Franklin Roosevelt…though I don’t remember in what, and am feeling to lazy to look it up. LOL

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