The Best Rory Outfits

It was a little more difficult for me to pick my favorite outfits that Rory ever wore. This had a lot to do with the fact that her style got progressively better as she went to college. However, the later seasons where she is fashionable are the ones that I don’t watch over and over because of the sucky story lines. So off of the top of my head my favorite outfits from Rory are:

Party dress in You Jump I Jump Jack
Red coat and white scarf
Red dress during dance marathon

What would you steal from Rory’s closet?

10 thoughts on “The Best Rory Outfits

  1. Gaby

    Rory has a coat she wore the episode where she finds out Logan cheated on her with all of his sisters wedding party, she then lets Doyle borrow it πŸ™‚ that coat is amazing. I would love to know where it is from and would steal it from her closet in a heartbeat.

  2. parsley

    Well, I’d definitely steal that red dress she wore at the dance marathon, her hairdo too:)
    She also looked beautiful in that blue dress she wore first time she dined with Logan’s parents. We all know how that turned out, but her dress was exquisite.
    I also love her sweaters, they’re just perfect.
    And I thought she looked great dressed as a ”best man” at her grandpa’s wedding. I guess guy fashion suits her well.
    I have to say I really didn’t like the dress she wore at her first Chilton prom. I know Lorelai is a good seamstress, but the dress just looked awkward on Rory and it hid all her slenderness. She looked like she was wearing a tent.

  3. Taylor

    I like EVERYTHING that Rory wears in seasons 6 and 7. But I think my favorite would have to be that cute dress or skirt when she ran the dar party for her grandmother that was really cute. But I would probably steal all of rory’s tops from seasons 6 and 7

  4. M

    Everything! haha πŸ˜›
    Probably more from the later seasons though, since she had grown older and gained more of a fashion sense by then πŸ™‚ Love her clothes, she always looks so nice.

  5. amanda

    The summer dress she wore when she and Paris went to Florida for spring break. When they were watching the Power of Myth.

  6. ruffle magazine

    i like the pale pink coverup she wore on top of the pink dress she had on when she and dean…um, you know. i saw it a few seasons later, too, but i cant remember which episode. but it’s so delicate and girly!

  7. Kate

    I would steal the deep purple sweater with the black ribbon that Rory wore in the last season in the episode entitled: Introducing Lorelai Plantarium

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