The Best Lorelai Outfits

For some reason I started thinking about the best outfits Lorelai ever wore. This was a little bit difficult because I think that the girls looked the best during some of the photo shoots they did for the show, especially the one where they are in front of a brick wall or when they are all in black. However, they were selling the show instead of really playing the character. So from the show my favorite Lorelai outfits were:

Black Dress at Bracebridge Dinner
White Dress at Lorelai’s First Cotilion
Green dress with weird sweater thing I think the first episode at Friday night dinner.
One of the most “Lorelai” outfits to me is this velvet jacket with a long beaded necklace. The jacket was some shade of teal or green. I can’t remember the episode, it might even be in one of the opening montages during the song in later seasons.
Early season graphic tshirt with lady’s face on it

What were your favorites?

10 thoughts on “The Best Lorelai Outfits

  1. Linda

    I like the dress that Rory is wearing when she is in Italy with her grandmother and they are at a corner cafe and her grandmother is flirting with the waiter in Italian.

    And I love all the sweaters and knits from the first season. Watching Season One always inspires me to pull out some knitting.

  2. parsley

    I know I am going to sound like a broken record here, but I actually liked Lorelai’s outfit on her first day at Chilton! Yeah, not professional, not adequate, but totally fun! Seeing her in those shorts and that pink T-shirt sort of set the mood for me for the rest of the series.
    But getting down to serious business, I think Lorelai looked great at Sookie’s wedding. The bridesmaid dress really suited her; simple but beautiful. The colour too brought out her eyes.
    Also, at Liz’s wedding (yeah, notice a trend?) when she wore that folk-ish outfit, sort of like a fairy tale princess, it just blew me away. I thought she looked gorgeous! I literally couldn’t take my eyes off of her. And I sort of knew this was it, this was when Luke realized he should tell her how he felt. Well, I wasn’t off by a long shot, he did tell her a couple of episodes later.
    Also, and this is more of a personal choice, I was and still am a big fan of Lorelai’s “Juicy” pants. Remember the first time she went to talk to Jason about her mother? She was wearing sweat pants with the word “Juicy” on the back. That outfit alone kicked Jason’s butt.

  3. Ellen

    i really like the light blue jumper that has the rainbow stripes on the upper arms, i think lorelai wears it the day after rory + dean break up the first time + have to buy all the things of rorys list + in season 4 when lane stays at Yale after cbgb’s she wears it aswell.

  4. Lauren

    Her dress for her graduation. Her dress for the engagement party Rory threw for her and Max. Her dress she wore to Liz and TJ’s wedding. Lauren Graham is just so beautiful. She looked great in most of the outfits. (Though in season 7, I thought they needed to dress her a little more age appropriately and stop putting her in things just because they were fashionable. Some of that was soooo not flattering.)

  5. Ginger

    I was just watching one the other day with the crown tee shirt (Christmas pageant, I think)… I remember looking for one of those for so long.

  6. Stacey

    I loved her flagesque t-shirt. I forget which episode. I have been marathoning GG’s for the last two weeks and they are all running together. I know it was in the second season though.

  7. ruffle magazine

    i always liked lorelai’s coats. i liked that they had her wearing winter coats for several seasons (like that light blue puffy one). it made her feel real. so many great dresses, too. i liked the red one from rory’s chilton graduation that was always in the credits.

  8. sophie

    Lorelei inspires me in her work outfits. I’m aiming for the same thing: shirt, trousers, very laid back but comfortable. She looks put together for work.

  9. CindL

    The dress she wears to her engagement party and the dress she wears when Dean goes to Friday night dinner.

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