Well That’s a Disappointment

When I was watching season 2 again, I noticed a conversation between Dean, Rory and Lorelai. They were asking questions about skeet shooting, like do the clay pigeons bleed, would you get a point if a clay pigeon flew in front of a real pigeon. This got me thinking, has this ever happened, I mean even once? My stupid question about skeet shooting was are the clay pigeons in the actual shape of pigeons? No, they are not, they seem to be in the shape of a disc.

So, I looked it up and was a little disappointed. People have injured themselves sure. There was even an article from 1988 about how when the clay falls after it’s been shot, it goes into rivers and is therefore bad for the environment. The plus side is that no real pigeons were harmed.

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    Love this site. Thanks for the movie lists and book list! Any chance you can do some lists involving Jess and Logan?

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