My Gilmore Bucket List

A bucket list is basically stuff that you have to do before you die. My bucket list is heavily influenced by the Gilmore Girls. A few weeks ago I got to cross off one of the top items: eat risotto. I don’t know whether or not it was actually magic risotto, but it was yummy. My brother made it for me.

It’s been a long road getting here people. First I had to learn what risotto actually was, then I had to look up the recipe and see that it had to be stirred for twenty minutes. Then I had to vow never to make risotto because it was too much work. Then I had to find someone who could and would make risotto. It was amazing. It’s not my favorite food in the world, like I wouldn’t order it at a restaurant. Once is probably enough, but Sookie would be proud.

6 thoughts on “My Gilmore Bucket List

  1. Anne

    First of all, I’m French (don’t pay atention to my mistakes).
    THANK YOU so much for being as a huge fan as I am! I can tell you I felt so lonely, especially in France : a feeeeeew people watches (or watched) Gilmore Girls. Most of them don’t know the show; and I don’t know if I should advise them or just don’t talk to them about it because they may cannot like (what a profanation!) I’m glad I found BIG fans like me; not people who just watch and enjoy and relax after a big day; but really fans, people who know almost everything, all the details because they do the magic on the show!

  2. Anne

    Risotto is wonderful! It comes from Italy and we eat it a lot in France. I can tell you you can do way easier! If you’re interested in, I can give you some of my recipes.

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