Happy June 3rd

It’s the day where we can all do whatever we want. We don’t have to save the date because there isn’t going to be a wedding. I have no idea why I remember this every year and yet I can’t recall even the birth month of most of my siblings. At least I’ve got my priorities straight.

5 thoughts on “Happy June 3rd

  1. Lauren

    Ha! That’s so funny. I just got married on May 15th and yesterday my husband was all “It’s the first time you’ve been married on a 3rd of the month. Do you feel more married than you did on the last 3rd?” Poor Lorelai didn’t. 🙁

  2. Anne

    If my wedding date will be June 3rd, I’ll be very worried!
    She felt there was something weird… Poor, poor Lorelai! It’s weird, she’s lucky, and unlucky in love. She’s lucky because she met good guys (one is great, everybody knows who I’m talking about); they love her so muuch (and sometimes too much => Chris) but everything becomes complicated after. One wants to build a life together, the second doesn’t, one loves the other more that he’s loved………

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