Inquiring Minds Want to Know

I was recently watching the episode again where Jess was fixing the gutters at Lorelai’s house and they are both trying to make nice for Rory’s sake. Rory accuses Jess of not being friendly and he says that he took the Coke even though he thinks that’s it’s a little freaky or weird to put lime in Coke. I totally disagree with him on this. I was adding lime to coke long before it came in a can. Well, truthfully I did this with Pepsi, but the same rule applies. In fact I’ll rarely drink it without. What are your feelings on flavored Coke?

7 thoughts on “Inquiring Minds Want to Know

  1. Ralph Kramden

    I think it best to avoid soda products made with high fructose corn syrup and instead, when possible, drink only the Coke or Pepsi or Dr Pepper etc. made with real sugar. First, it is healthier and second, it tastes wayyyyyyy better and doesn’t require one to try and hide or boost the flavor with odd things like lime or lemon or orange or hot peppers or….

  2. Anne

    I remember it. Him, just a little smile on the face, arrogant, and her just Lorelai. Nice, and funny, and talkative but colder than she has never been.
    Everybody says all the time that I’m like Rory in most aspects of my life (my mother, when she made me watch GG, said : yeah, you’ll see, she’s just like you!) but I have not her aptitude to like everybody and to be liked by everybody.

  3. iscah mckrae

    Rum and coke with lime is mixed drink gospel, considering his mom, you’d think Jess would know that. Never tried it without the rum. Then again, Lorelai wouldn’t exactly have been offering a 16-17 year old a rum and coke… Pardon me, my mind wandered off into a corner and I had to bring it back again. Coke with lime…not so strange…

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