What’s Your Bridge?

In Stars Hollow the fundraisers always seem to be around building the bridge, rebuilding the bridge, or buying a cover to protect the bridge. I love small town fundraisers so much that I’ll almost always show up no matter the cause. It’s just interesting to watch an entire town labor for one thing for so long. For my town, it’s solar power. In fact we even have a flat screen that is always on in order to educate us about solar power. No, the flat screen isn’t solar powered. There’s a box where you can donate money to help the entire town harness the energy from the sun. I’m eco friendly and everything but I just don’t think that we’d ever be able to raise enough money to accomplish it. What is your town’s version of the bridge?

2 thoughts on “What’s Your Bridge?

  1. Micole

    We are always fighting about a cruise on the main strip. The surrounding cities have one every summer and our town has yet to give in. It’s brought up at city council meetings… We aren’t raising money for it but it’s our Stars Hollow like thing.

  2. Anne

    Ahh my town.. A little little one in France. 600 inhabitants, all farmers.. FAR far away from Stars Hollow!

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