Lessons that Small Towns Everywhere Should Learn from the Gilmores

I live in a small town and whenever we have a crazy festival or a fundraiser I think about Stars Hollow. I try and keep my town and real name well nameless just because I figure if I was a stalker, I would stalk me. I’m just that awesome. However, I live in the most Stars Hollow-esque place that I could find.

There is one thing that my town doesn’t do that I wish we did. I’m afraid to mention this to anyone in the city for fear that they will make me organize it. I really love the town book sale that they have in Stars Hollow. Sure, it wasn’t one of their flashier events and Dean was bored. However, I just think it’s a great idea and I would definitely go. In fact sometimes I look in small town newspapers of neighboring towns so that I can be alert if any of them ever have book sales.

3 thoughts on “Lessons that Small Towns Everywhere Should Learn from the Gilmores

  1. Kim S.

    I live in a smalllish town. Not as small as Stars Hollow or as cool unfortunately but we do have a book sale every year. It’s put on by the county library system so check out nearby libraries if you want a small town book sale!

  2. Emalee D

    Just wanted to say a couple things: first, I love this, I always check back here to see what you’ve written about Gilmore Girl fashion! I, too, am nuts for the girls, and thoroughly miss them. However, I have a small town for you! Check out Vergennes, VT. This isn’t where I’m from, but I dated soemone from there for a while. So cute, everyone knows each other, etc etc. There is also Woodstock, VT, with the same feel. Unfortunately Woodstock has a habit of being for the elderly tourists… if I could funk it up a bit with my youth and stick in an awesome diner, I would totally live there :). Anyway, keep updating, I’ll keep reading!!

  3. ruffle magazine

    There’s a town near me that reminds me a lot of SH, except its on the west coast, jammed in the middle of a huge city. They have a little town square and are always having cute little festivals and activities, like a firemen’s dance or Wisteria days. Everyone knows everyone else and all of their business, and people walk around at dusk like it’s a scheduled event. At Christmas they have a giant manger scene, and someone always steals Jesus. It reminds me of Jess knocking the head of that one snowman so Lorelai and Rory would win the contest.

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