My Thoughts on Parenthood

My initial thoughts on Parenthood was that it was being set up for failure. It was just too close to Gilmore Girls with Lauren Graham. I watched it and still felt the same way, it was ok but not great. Lately though I find myself tuning in anyways.  Is it on the same level as my beloved GG? Nope.

Maybe it’s just because there is nothing else on Tuesday nights. GG was also on Tuesdays but it was actually good. It’s just weird to see Lauren Graham in a single mother role without the crazy cast of Stars Hollow characters. Everytime I see the daughter I think “You are not Rory”. Plus this week there was a sweet moment between her and her daughter’s teacher when he gave her a book to read. Then there was a mother/daughter fight about the teacher. Sound familiar? I think Lauren must be having some serious deja vu.

4 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Parenthood

  1. cmanzer

    I had the same reaction while watching “Parenthood.” So much of the storyline is straight out of Stars Hollow that it must have been intentional to capitalize on the LG fans. But what the network guys don’t understand is that we GG fans really don’t want a remake.

    PS: Thank you for your blog! I found it late last year and it and GG are my escapes from my depressing recession world. 🙂

  2. Carl

    I think Lauren’s talents are being wasted in Parenthood, as they were in Bad Santa and Because I Said So. I don’t really like Parenthood that much. On the other hand, Alexis was pretty good in the Traveling Pants movies (but not Post Grad–a rather pedestrian effort).

  3. Anne

    Hum I’m the only one in here who really likes Parenthood… Let’s clarify : it’s impossible to LOVE it because of Gilmore Girls, the best show ever, and because it’s weird to see Lauren in another character, and not with Rory!
    But, without comparing with GG, the atmosphere is original, a little dark but full of humour and love. It’s not one of the billion shows about perfect American people. It comes from reality, and imperfect but nice people. I like the tragic story with Max, I like Adam, I like Julia and her irratating but touching personnality, and I like Sarah. Lorelai was incredible, but I think Lauren plays well this character a little broken, but enthusiastic and humble.
    Anyway, we all know that nothing can change the fact that Gilmore Girls is the most amazing show ever !

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