It’s Such a Relief When It’s Over

I go through the entire series about once a year. This means watching a few episodes a week. Usually in the later seasons I start to wonder why I was so adamantly against these episodes. Then April appears and it all comes back to me. Sure, season six and seven is still better than every other show on the air.

However, I notice that my feet really start dragging about this time. Usually I will watch the first few seasons in just a few months. Then it takes me the rest of the year just to make it to the last few seasons. It’s always a relief when I start over on season one and realize how much I adore the show. Do you feel the same way?

16 thoughts on “It’s Such a Relief When It’s Over

  1. SparklePetal

    Ha! So true! Although I have only watched it through twice. I discovered Gilmore Girls while I was heavily pregnant and would sit watching hour after hour. Towards the end of it I was only really still watching because it was too much trouble to get up of the sofa! I recently watched through again, but I still haven’t quite got to the end… because… well you know!

  2. Millie

    I love Gilmore Girls and one episode is played each weekday on E4 in the UK and I carn’t wait for season 1 to start again.

  3. Mina

    I admit to be just a little (maybe a lot) obsessed with Gilmore Girls. I was sad when it ended, but then i recently discovered a website called They have written a whole 22-episode season 8, a 22-episode season 9, and a 10-episode season 10. It truly feels like the real thing.

  4. Hena

    Season 1-4 runs so quickly. I find myself watching those episodes over and over again. When LOGAN (ugh) comes in my eyes yelp in pain. So, I choose not to cause pain to my eyes by not watching season 5-7 🙂

  5. Gaby

    What? My mind is blown by this idea. I say we read and make a book club out of it 🙂 hahah

  6. PT

    I still watch the show, on Soap Net and on ABC Family, the 1st. episode on yesterday was one of the best, it is still a better show than most of what is on now, and Lauren Graham is the best, I too watch Parenthood just for her, and long for her GG days, I agree with the previous commenter the Logan episodes, I tend to skip those, but a few months ago I did get to see the pilot for the first time, that was great.

  7. Caro

    Well, personally I love season 6. Bringing in April was definitely too soap opera-like, but it didn’t damage the show too much in my opinion. And some of the best Rory/Logan scenes were that season.
    Season 7 did kill the GG vibe, though. Only a few episodes had the real spirit of the show.

  8. parsley

    Hey, I know exactly what you mean! I love Season 1,2,3,4 but from Season 5 on I get a bit peeved. I love Gilmore Girls like crazy but sometimes some stories or some characters (like Logan, ugh) make me cringe. And I kinda loathe Rory’s down period, when she drops out of Yale and all that. That’s my most unfavourite period. But it is an interesting twist seeing her so out of place. Plus it gives us a pretext to see Jess again (adoring sigh, he’s the best). Also, I love the first-seasons Rory, but I am a bit unsure about the later-seasons Rory. She seems out of character sometimes. Maybe I’m being too expectant or I’m exaggerating, but the first four seasons are the best for me. The atmosphere, the writing, the girls, the guys, the lines, the references, they’re all too good to be true. Sorry for the super-long rant, I just discovered your site and I have to say it’s brilliant and awesome. Keep up the good work.

  9. amanda

    i dvr the reruns on abc family and have been watching the series over and over again. i keep telling myself to stop recording them after i finish the seventh season but i can’t because after the horrid 6th and 7th season i must watch the first five again to sort of cleanse my mind. and the vicious circle continues.

  10. Carl

    I liked all the seasons pretty much the same. The only thing I didn’t like about the latter seasons was that they had too much T.J. in them. I actually like the friends Rory made in the last few seasons (Lucy, Olivia).

  11. Mina

    Ha ha about the book club idea! 🙂
    Go To for an awsome continuation of Gilmore Girls worth reading! 🙂

  12. Emalee D

    I watch the show every year, too!!!!! Except I don’t have Season 7 (just never gotten around to buying it), and some of my disks from the earlier seasons are missing/damaged from watching them too much! Working on convincing my honey to get me the box set though :).

  13. Anne

    I feel exactly the same! I start with the incredible season 1, season 2 is great, season 3 is amazing, season 4 is almost as good (I was worried about Rory in Yale, but we don’t miss her toooo much in Stars Hollow with Lorelai), season 5 is great (Logan & Rory have just unforgettable moments and Lorelai & Luke are Lorelai and Luke) but season 6… A little disappointment. WHY DOES HE HAVE A DAUGHTER????!!
    Season 7 is not good. I don’t like it. Chris & Lorelai’s story sucks sucks sucks, Rory doesn’t even look like the first seasons and I obviously hate a season which is the last one..

  14. Jackiii

    I really dislike seasons 6 and 7. However I’m not a Logan hater. I like him. Loved Jess. Hate Dean. Some of my favourite episodes are in season 5 and the others are when Logan and Rory have just started dating before they become official. I love the early seasons because they are so fast paced and have the best references for sure. However trying to pick a favourite episode or season would be an impossible task.

  15. Annie

    I am exactly the same!! I go through the entire series every couple years, but as soon as I hit the halfway mark of season six, I start fast-forwarding through half the scenes. April Nardini is the WORST, I am not a huge fan of Logan, Luke and Lorelai’s break-up is awful, Lorelai and Chris are awful, and I hate the sad ending that Jess and Rory got in season 6.

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