My Gilmore Epitaph

You know when we were in English class as kids we’d always have to write our own obituaries or what would be on our gravestones or some such other extremely morbid theme that still seemed boring? Well I have mine; the best way to describe me in any way is something Lorelei says to Paris during season six. She tells Paris that she can be anything in the world but not a diplomat.  So true. If you had to define yourself with one Gilmore Girls quote what would it be?

7 thoughts on “My Gilmore Epitaph

  1. galla

    I have to say I am a fanatic like you. I have seen every episode and constantly reference the show in my daily life. and this is a great question. i dont know why. i dont really think that this quote defines me but what came to mind when i first read this was:

    “A kid? Like a goat?”

  2. Anne

    How can I define myself with a Gilmore Girls quote? It’s hard. I watch season 2 lately, and if I hear something which defines myself, I’ll tell you!

  3. Symbie

    I just found your website and I spent all night last night perusing it when I was supposed to be writing a paper. Yes, I am that much of a fangirl and your website is that much fun!

    I am rewatching all of the seasons right now and I am in the midst of Season 2 so of course season 1 & 2 dialogue is stuck in my head. My defining GG quote (as of now, but that might change as I get to the later seasons) is similar to Hena’s:

    “As long as everything is exactly the way I want it, I’m totally flexible.” -Lorelai

    I want to say this scene occurs somewhere at the end of the first season – it’s the ep where the town auctions off baskets for picnic lunches. I am sure you know the episode!

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