I’ll Pass on 1954

We’ve all had a good laugh about how Jackson doesn’t want to know the gender of his child. This conversation takes place between Rory and Jackson where they try to pretend it’s 1954.

It really didn’t dawn on me just how different childbirth was back then until a recent episode of Mad Men when Betty was giving birth. I just wanted to yell “stop it”. It showed the mom all scared and alone while the dads were literally out in the waiting room smoking cigars and drinking. When/if my time ever comes it will not be 1954.

3 thoughts on “I’ll Pass on 1954

  1. Hena

    Good for you! 1954 sucks I’m sure. It was okay when Jackson was joking about it. Plus he was there with Sookie every time in the delivery room. So technically Jackson wasn’t true to his 1954 pledge.

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