Mildred Pierce Review

This was one of the Gilmore movie references that I watched and felt very clever for discovering. Then I watched an episode of Gilmore Girls and basically realized that I had probably chosen the old black and white film from a subliminal Gilmore Girl suggestion. Lorelai accuses Rory of “Mildred Pierce-ing” her. This film is about a mother daughter relationship enshrouded in a murder mystery. It’s definitely worth watching. Watch it so you can use Mildred Pierce as a verb.

2 thoughts on “Mildred Pierce Review

  1. Emily

    you’re amazing! i look at this site soo much! i am trying to become a Gilmore on my own! (: you should def. get at me so we can talk about Gilmore girls. i have no one else to talk to. my own best friend hates it! i dont get it!

  2. juliet

    Hey there

    couldn’t figure out how to leave a comment on your movie list so I’ll leave it here. i’m stoked to put together this list of movies mentioned in gilmore girls! i’m watching the series for a fourth time and decided I need to watch those movies. I’m about to watch Duck Soup and saw that it’s not mentioned in your list so thought I’d let you know:)

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