The Worst Movie in the World

Ok so this wasn’t a movie on the Gilmore list.  However, I like to think that if the show was still on it would have been mentioned.  It’s one of those shows that is so bad it’s good.  The kind that whenever anyone walks into my house I say “You have to watch it.  It’s the worst movie in the entire world.  No, I can’t watch it with you, I can’t take it anymore.” The worst movie I’ve ever seen hands down is:

Ripple Effect

It pretty much ensures that I will never attend or trust any of the small film festivals where it won awards. Whats the worst movie that the Gilmores never mentioned?

3 thoughts on “The Worst Movie in the World

  1. Kim S.

    Spartan. It starred Val Kilmer and came out in 2004. I went to the theater to see it with my friend, her husband and her husband’s co-worker. The guys fell asleep about 15 minutes into the movie and my friend and I spent the rest of the movie lmaking fun of the awful, awful script and wondering how in the world this movie ever got made.

    Oooo I just thought of another one. Minority Report with Tom Cruise. I would have totally walked out of that movie, which I’ve never done before, if only I’d driven myself to the theater. Instead I had to wait until it was done or else I would have had no way to get home. It made me wish I’d adopted Rory’s habit of taking a book with her everywhere. I would have sat in the lobby and read until that horrible movie was over.

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