Egg Carton Temptation

I always buy a large carton of eggs with the intention that I will eat more eggs. I guess it’s a weird goal but I’m still of a generation that thought that eggs were good for you. Then they told us eggs were bad for you and now they are good for you in limited supply. I usually only like eggs if they are in brownies. So, my thinking is that if I don’t like something it is probably good for me. This ends up with me basically having 18 eggs that will expire or have expired.

Every once in awhile when I haul the eggs to the trash I just have this temptation to devil them and then go throw them at Jess’ car. It’s a good thing I don’t know a Jess. Yes, by the way I would put paprika on them too; it isn’t a deviled egg without it.

3 thoughts on “Egg Carton Temptation

  1. Anne

    Hahaha and the idea was from Rory and not Lorelai! I like Rory for that. When she met Jess the morning with Lane, she was not mean with him, but the girl knows how to take revenge! I loveee it. I know everybody loves Jess so much, but I think he deserved to be egg-deviled !

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