Logan’s One Good Quality

For awhile I thought that I hated both Logan and Christopher the exact same amount. During a recent season seven episode I realized that I like Logan a lot more for one reason: his furniture. I really love the polka dot couch at his apartment with green and yellow dots all over it. I’ve been looking for something similar. Yes, I already have a couch but not a polka dot couch. Even online I can’t find anything that compares with it. I’ve found a lot of polka dot pillows, but it’s just not the same thing. What is your favorite piece of Gilmore Girls furniture?

6 thoughts on “Logan’s One Good Quality

  1. Kaitlin

    I really like Lorelai’s kitchen table after her and Luke redo her house. I have a love of yellow and that table is great.

  2. JD

    Um…. the MONKEY LAMP… DUH… lol, Lorelai exchanged some fancy gift that Emily bought her, for a purple monkey lamp. So so so so funny. And its not really furniture but the fuzzy hello kitty alarm clock in season 1!

    So great to find other Gilmore Girl Freaks! Hi 5! Love the show, and wish I was Rory =) oooh, and able to eat as much as they do (although we don’t get all the crazy food they eat where I live which is far away from America).

  3. Anne

    I like so much Rory’s bed in Stars Hollow. It seems so softness! I really like her room.
    I assume you will hate me after that, but I kind of appreciate Logan. I think Jess was perfect for Rory because their personalities were great together BUT I think she’s better with Logan because they have got the same vision of future and want, and need. He’s stable but wild. And he’s the one who learnt Rory how to take risks to be proud and to be able to say that your life worth it.

  4. Beth

    Alrighty I realize this was a post from forever ago but I’ve been madly googling gilmore girls furniture because I am obsessed with Lorelai’s bed after the remodel. I mean the one she gets once her and Luke get rid of his grandmother’s bedroom furniture with cherubs on it haha. It’s this gorgeous wood frame and I’m seriously lusting after it. I need a new bed and I would die to be able to find one like it! If anyone has any leads or knows how I could find out let me know 😀

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