I’m More Gilmore Than I Know

I don’t watch the DVDs of the show everyday but I tend to make it through all of the seasons about once a year, whatever that averages out to. I just recently realized the significance of this conversation in season seven episode two. Rory is bragging about how she’s a grown up and Lorelai replies that grown ups call themselves adults.

I always refer to people who are even a year or two older than me as “grown ups”. I do not consider myself to be in this category. So what do you say grown-ups or adults or peer group?

3 thoughts on “I’m More Gilmore Than I Know

  1. Linda

    “Old!” I refer to myself as old.

    I never paid much attention, but I’ve heard a more than one person recently say adults as “ah-dults.” However, one of those is a person that say nuclear as “nucular.” Ah, potato…po-tah-toe.

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