Dead or Alive

In the episode “The Lorelei’s’ First Day at Yale” Rory and Lorelei argue whether or not various famous people are dead or alive. I’ve often had this problem. I always seem to wonder about Bob Hope. I keep thinking “Wow he’s getting old.” when in fact he passed in 2003. I now have a new website that I adore called “Dead or Alive“. Type in any famous person’s name and it will come up with whether they are dead or alive. Sure, Google can do the same thing but that requires reading and I won’t get such a swift response to my “Dead or Alive” question.

One thought on “Dead or Alive

  1. Laura

    Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I found your blog in a search for Tom Waits, (which I think is wonderful). I have a little gilmore-isms book that came with one of my dvds and have been going through and adding those “classic” movies mentioned on my netflix. I love your compilation and think I will go from there! Awesome blog!

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