Gilmore Craft Projects

If you could pick any Gilmore house to live in which would it be? Would you choose the elegant but don’t touch look of Emily or the homey look that Lorelei has going? From the few shots that we see of Sookie’s place in earlier seasons it may be my favorite. Here are a few small mental notes of projects I would do if I was crafty and owned my own place:

  • I’d recreate the huge bullentin board in the Dragonfly kitchen. I love how it’s framed out with really unique molding.
  • I would decoupage a cut out of a rose on a brown lampshade. For some reason this is the first thing I think of when I envision Lorelai’s house.
  • I’d paint paneling yellow and then add a glaze over it to simulate the Dragonfly dining room.
  • I’d drive to Logan’s apartment and steal his couch.

What Gilmore inspired home improvement projects would you take on?

4 thoughts on “Gilmore Craft Projects

  1. Linda

    I always loved the cream, striped sofa in Emily and Richard’s house. Though I’m more into the comfort of Lorelai’s house.

  2. Anne

    I love Lorelai and Rory’s house (yes, I still say Lorelai & Rory’s house, I can’t imagine Rory call another place “her home”). I adore Rory’s bedroom, the kitchen, the stairs, and the porch so much. I don’t really like Lorelai’s bedroom.

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