Was Thomas Kinkade Ever Hot?

I’m not the biggest fan of the artist Thomas Kinkade. In fact, his paintings annoy me and make me a little bit sad that they are classified as art. I did watch the movie about his life “The Christmas Cottage” because Dean is in it. I have never seen a picture of the artist before, just his paintings.

I was a little disappointed because I thought that finally this man would have some kind of redeeming value. I’m very disappointed. Now I want to know if he ever looked like Dean when he was younger.

3 thoughts on “Was Thomas Kinkade Ever Hot?

  1. Diana

    I’ll have to agree with your opinion about TK. I volunteer at a recording studio reading books for the blind, and was assigned a novel supposedly authored by Thomas Kincade. It was a sappy religious romance, quite difficult to swallow. When I asked my technician what he thought of it, his answer said it all… “He writes like a painter”.

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