How Do You Feel About Holiday Decorations?

Lately I find myself acting more and more like Luke. This is especially problematic because I want to date Luke not be the female version of Luke. I am fine with some holiday decorations, a Christmas tree for example. However, I guess I’ve just had too many roommates who would just decorate for every single holiday. The apartment would feel cluttered and dusty and I would have to take them all down months later. For instance, I do not decorate for Halloween, Easter, Valentine’s, or Thanksgiving. I will put up a tree and that’s it. I’m with Luke on this one.

3 thoughts on “How Do You Feel About Holiday Decorations?

  1. Leah

    I too only decorate slightly, and only for xmas. I think that I will get more into decoration for other holidays when I’m married with kids. I guess I should say “if” not “when” since that’s not in the near future, as far as I can tell. When I watch Gilmore Girls lately, I think , wow I’m almost ten years older than Lorelai was when she had Rory”.

  2. Katelyn

    Why do you not review the books, movies, and music mentioned on Gilmore Girls anymore? I liked the PopTart ratings — they were cute!

  3. Shvetal

    ‘i want to date Luke not be the female version of Luke’ LOL… am so with you on this one!!

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