The Power of Bop It

In the episode “We’ve got us a Pippi Virgin” Lorelei and Rory have to bring out the bop it to turn the double date with Luke and Dean around. I’ve actually done this before and it’s great at alleviating awkward social situations. I used it a lot when I was a nanny and the kids were fighting. Work it out with the bop it kids. We really should use it as a way to handle international conflicts. It’s a great replacement for actually having to talk to someone.

4 thoughts on “The Power of Bop It

  1. Carl

    We bought a Bop-It not that long ago, and wondered if all the Bop-It’s being sold on E-Bay are being sold to Gilmoreistas.

    Anyhow, Bop-It is hard!

  2. Yaya

    I am totally with you on that topic, hmmm… actually I think I should get myself a bop-it, I never had one before ^^

  3. Anne

    Haha Luke was great (as if he’s not all the time)! I completely agree with him. I hate Dean so much! He’s unintersting, not cultivated, flavorless… And he’s mean and disdainful with Lindsay. HAAA

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