A Gilmore Thanksgiving

Every year I write about the Gilmore Thanksgivng episodes.  Usually this means that I make a reference to the episode where Jackson deep fries a turkey and the Gilmores have to go to all the different dinners.  Ah yes “A Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving” was the episode name, thank you brain.

I usually skip over the Thanksgiving episode in season 6.  I’m sure that my brain won’t come up with the name of that one because I’ve blocked it out.  It’s the sad episode where everyone sits around the table with some kind of secret.  April is a big theme in this one which is why I’ve never been a fan of it.

However, watching it again I’ve noticed that I have something in common with Liz when she tries to make Thanksgiving dinner for all of her renaissance friends.  I have tried to make rolls from a can before because we all know that rolls from scratch are way out of my league.  I have to say its a lot harder than it looks.  My countertop has a dent in it from trying to open up one of those cans.  Then her rolls turned black and exploded.  It seems like something that you wouldn’t be able to mess up but you can, trust me.  Happy Thanksgiving to all the Gilmore-istas!

3 thoughts on “A Gilmore Thanksgiving

  1. Linda

    My family had its first deep-fried turkey this year. I didn’t taste it, I stuck the the regular turkey.

  2. Anne

    I’m French, I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but I wish I did. It seems so convivial… Yeah the thanksgiving in season 6 is sad and weird… Rory is miserable because of the call she had from Honor, and Luke decides to be a part in April’s life.

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