The Glitter Vest

While watching the episode “We’ve Got us a Pippi Virgin” I realized that we all probably have a figurative glitter vest in our closets. Emily freaked out when she raided the pool house where Richard was staying and found a glitter vest. She just couldn’t believe where he would go in such a vest.

For me there are a few items in my wardrobe that totally stand out in my closet. It might even look like I have a double life. No, I’m not talking about the black trench coat that makes me feel like a spy, I wear that regularly because who wouldn’t want to feel like a spy? One is a size four lavender long ball gown skirt that I bought years ago when ball gown skirts were popular and I was a size four. I’ve always kept it because I feel bad that I’ve never worn it. I just haven’t had the occasion for it and it’s horribly out of style now. Well, that and the faux fur coat that I always felt like a bear in. Maybe I can wear both pieces together. No one will know it’s me. It will really come in handy with the spy thing. Opps, I meant to say I’m totally not a spy. What is your equivalent of the glitter vest?

3 thoughts on “The Glitter Vest

  1. Bhen

    Im pissed that Rory said, “louis, I think this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship.” Instead of saying the actual phrase, which was “beautiful friendship” from casablanca……….I think definitely an error in screenwriting…

  2. Katie

    I have a white dress shirt with sequins all over the front of it that looks like something a pimp who is also a cowboy would wear. I got it for Christmas a couple years ago and have never worn it or thrown it out because i wasn’t sure if it was supposed to be something i would wear everyday, or if it was something that the people who gave it to me all bought as well and were going to call me one day and tell me to come over and wear it for some reason, and them all be wearing one as well. My sister got one too, but i think her’s is black.

    and i noticed the wonderful instead of beautiful thing also.

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