Gilmoreista Alert

Gilmoreistas will notice this, so I just won’t gloss over this. You will notice it so I’ll just fess up now. Yes, I have thought of a new name for all of us die hard Gilmore fans: Gilmoreistas. It’s not like I’m season 6 and I’m suddenly going to spring an April on you which is the worst form of torture. I usually come up with ideas for blog posts from watching the DVDs. You can usually tell what season I am on by what I’m talking about. So the next few weeks are going to be saturated with “We’ve Got Us a Pippi Virgin” inspired posts. I’ve gone through this episode several times before and it never really sparked anything in me besides the panic room. Who doesn’t love a good panic room? However, on this viewing I just got a lot of really great ideas so bear with me when you think “Hey, I know what episode it’s from. She wrote from that episode last week.”

In this episode Richard talks about how every time he goes to the register he picks up a package of breath mints until they basically overrun the house. I have to admit that I do this as well. I have over ten packs of gum in the kitchen drawer. It’s bubblicious because I refuse to grow up. They have a new sour orange flavor that is amazing, pick it up the next time, or twenty times you are at the cash register.

3 thoughts on “Gilmoreista Alert

  1. Kaitlin

    I always wondered how you came up with blog posts. I dont ever take mints or gum. I mean dont you remember the episode about Urine Mints? Love the name Gilmoreista.

  2. Liv

    I miss Gilmore Girls so much! I want them to come out with a movie. We need to come out with a petition to get a movie to come out.

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