Way to State the Obvious

I’ve always loved the episode “A Tale of Poes and Fire.” There is so much going on with the fires and the Poes and Rory deciding on Yale. In fact, there’s so much going on that it’s easy to just overlook Kirk making his own topical t-shirts about things he observes . I ended up buying a white t-shirt with black printing because the sheer simplicity of it reminded me of this. My shirt says “Cheese is Good”. What? It is.

5 thoughts on “Way to State the Obvious

  1. Anne

    “Rory’s going to Yale”!
    HAaaaa these shirts.. I really think that “Cheese is good” is almost as nice!
    This is an episode I didn’t adooore but I liked pretty much (alright: I love all of them). I like the end, when Rory discovers her room decorated by Lorelai! I still can’t say if I’m glad or not that Rory went to Yale. I think it was easier for her and for the story because she was closer from her house, but Harvard was the dream. I think it’s good to change dreams and evolve. Lorelai decided she’ll go to Harvard. Rory had the right to decide (even if she decided to go where Richard went and not when Lorelai wanted her to go!)

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