How to Get a Table

This is one of those things that I think about daily but I’ve never been brave enough to try. I love the scene where Rory and Lorelai both hover in order to get a table at Luke’s. They just go stand next to the person and look at them. I’m sure that it would work and it’s not like you can get arrested for looking at someone.  I read somewhere that it’s a sign of psychopathness to turn and face people in the elevator instead of looking at the door like everyone else. Granted, when I read the study the word psychopathness was not used but the medical world obviously does not have my way with words.

3 thoughts on “How to Get a Table

  1. Linda

    When I was in college we had to do something “out of the ordinary” for a communications class. An example given was to stare at the back of the elevator. One thing I did was go up to people that were serving themselves drinks in the dining hall and ask if they would also serve me a glass of water, every single one of them gave me a weird look, but everyone was nice enough to give me some water. Now, done with my pointless story. I don’t remember/know why we had to do any of it.

  2. Anne

    Absolutely ! When I’m watching GG, I’m often saying for myself: I wish I could do it.
    Even Rory who is a little bit shy and not very talkative, dares things I can’t do!

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