Labels for Everyone

Dating would be so much easier if men just wore labels. Sometimes, I know that I’m dating someone that reminds me of Gilmore Girls. Then, I can’t figure out if that person is Luke or Christopher and that’s a pretty big difference. I get so confused and think “No Christopher is too good for him, he’s definitely a Logan.” I end up pondering if I would be happy with a Dean. I gravitate more towards Jess. There are plenty of men like Jess out there, but the punk kid one, not the literary, more dependable, thought provoking one. Sadly, I have never found an Adam Brody. That’s why they should all get signs that say the character they most resemble. I’ll take one Luke please.

11 thoughts on “Labels for Everyone

  1. Jackiii

    Haha that would be awsome!
    I love Jess and Luke. I hated Dean. Logan had his moments but overall he just didn’t measure up. Love Dave! haha.
    Find any Kirks?

  2. Carl

    Yes, out of the whole bunch Luke definitely was the best.

    Jess on the other hand was so inconsiderate to Luke, Lorelai and practically everyone else but Rory. Bad boys or even boys just with a chip on the shoulder are so very very very overrated.

  3. Leah

    I want to find a Luke! I hated Logan. Always thought Jess was hot, and that Dean was too goodie-goodie.

  4. Alexandra

    Hello Lorelei!

    I love the story of Gilmore Girls too.
    I am a highly talkative, free-spirited woman,and part of the MTV generation.
    I have funny and weird neighbors like Babette ! I use quotes very often.
    Before my sister got married we have spend together many movie nights.
    I am not in a hurry to find a Luke,because I am too young to get married.
    Among that Luke is a great man but not perfect! Remember season 6!
    Maybe we need sth better than a Luke! Luke is just a good example to have in our minds.
    So I will say to you and to all our friends: Find a great boyfriend is hard!
    But it should be hard!When it is hard,it is right!
    So we must open our eyes and our hearts,think and try,take risks like Lorelai and Rory!
    And above all we must love ourselves!

    Keep going!Thanks for this wonderful site!

  5. Caro

    I love Luke and Logan, but I’d take an assistant proffesor. I totally understood Rory’s crush, that man was hot.

  6. Anne

    Dean was… useless.
    Jess was… Irritating, immature, selfish, he had no ambition. But he was clever and watcher.
    Logan was… brave, cultivated, perceptive. but a little bit boring, spoiled and proud of himself.
    I’m disappointed about all of Rory’s boyfriends. Intersting ones are unstable and selfish, and the pretty nice one is uncultivated and boring.

  7. Anne

    And about Lorelai’s boys:
    Max was… I don’t know. I didn’t like him. He was clever and nice but something bothered me. He was touchy and tried to keep Lorelai even when she just wanted to go away. And I have defenitely hated when he wanted to have a part in Rory’s education.
    Jason was.. Funny, weird but we don’t care of him!
    Chris… No comment.
    Luke => Almost perfect, ladies and gentlemen!

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