Dead Baby Penguins

I was channeling Paris (Yes, again) in a recent conversation. It reminded me of this when she’s babysitting Logan and watching The March of the Penguin and actually shows some compassion, to the penguins; not Logan.

The subject was whether it was appropriate for me to end a date based on the fact that a young man had eaten a baby squid at the Chinese buffet. Granted, I would not have had a problem with this had it been a full sized squid…or not looked like a baby. The argument went somewhat like this:

Arguer: Squids produce thousands of babies a day. The ocean will eventually be overrun with squid and kill us all if no one ate the babies.
Me: …but it’s a baby!
Arguer: You aren’t a vegetarian. You love a shirt that says “Meat is murder…tasty tasty murder”
Me: Baby squid! It’s a baby squid it looks like a baby because it is.
Arguer: You are assigning human traits to animals.

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