The Gilmores Guide to saving money

The Gilmores have had to pinch pennies a few times.  Granted, Emily & Richard had to bail them out for both Chilton & Yale. The most noticeable episode on how to get through tough economic times was in season 4 called “A Family Matter”.  In order to get the inn up and running Lorelai secretly did the following:

  • Buy food that you have to assemble. This includes bread, cheese and a tomato to save on take out costs.
  • Skip window shopping and then fight over a free tote bag.
  • Get rid of movie channels.
  • Cancel magazine subscriptions including Squegee Beckenheim’s.
  • Switch to a lower watt bulb. Then people won’t notice that I don’t have Rory’s flawless complexion. What are your favorite Gilmore money saving tips?

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