Tobin said it not me…

Tobin talks about living in Utah and he says that basically the only thing to do there is to be online. What has Gilmore Girls said about your state?

9 thoughts on “Tobin said it not me…

  1. Ola

    Unfortunatelly I am not from States, buut in GG my country – Poland, was mentioned twice ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Linda

    Oh, I can’t remember, but April moved to New Mexico…and I recall something like, “what happens in Roswell, stays in Roswell.” So, not only was my state mentioned, but so was the city I live in.

  3. Holly

    They talked about my city!

    Lorelei: I tried so hard. I have a list of things that he’s afraid of on the fridge. And I try to do the right thing. I should not have socialized him at Kirk’s doggy day care the other day. I should have taken him to the best doggy day care in the country, even if it was in Seattle. That’s where I should have taken him.

  4. k

    OK, 1st season, “Cinnamon’s Wake” episode.

    Rory: Philadelphia? If you could live in any city in the world you’d pick Philadelphia?
    Lane: M. Night Shyamalan lives there.
    Rory: Who?
    Lane: The guy who directed The Sixth Sense.
    Rory: But what would you do there?
    Lane: Hang out with M. Night Shyamalan.

    Yeahhhh, I’ve yet to have run into him. Though the woods where they filmed “The Village” is uncomfortably close to my home.

    Also, in season 7, there is an episode titled “I’d Rather Be in Philadelphia.” The title is taken straight from a Richard quote in the episode where he does his own play on a quotation from W.C. Fields regarding how performers would rather be dead than performing in Philadelphia. Also, we have very good hospitals here, which is what I thought he was alluding to until I looked it up.

    PS–I just found your blog, and its amazing.

  5. Sarah

    I live just north of French Lick, Indiana. ๐Ÿ™‚

    RICHARD: Everyone thinks that traveling on business is so glamorous but what they donโ€™t realize is that the business traveler never gets to see the places he visits. My last trip to Rome, I spent the whole four days in a conference room by the airport. I might as well have been in French Lick, Indiana.

  6. Anne

    I don’t have the chance to live in the USA but they mention France very often! The country, the World Wars, the food, so…

  7. Anne

    And of course, Lorelai and Chris went to France when they marry each other! (I’m sorry it’s all my country’s fault!!)

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