They know…

After Lorelai breaks up with Jason cats start showing up at her house and she thinks they ahve a sense that she will become a crazy cat lady.

I was putting away my groceries when all of a sudden a cat comes strolling out of my bathroom…in my house. I do not own a cat. In fact, I usually have to hold back my very valid argument that cats are actually Satan. They are the one thing that I’m terrified of. This event only further proves that fact. Now they can go through walls and transport themselves through the time and space continuum. I tried to get the cat to leave without picking it up. I said what I thought would be his name rather sternly and pointed toward the door… nothing. He ran under the futon (the futon, yet another symbol of carefree alone-ness, I won’t even be bound by the traditional definition of furniture). Had he not eventually gotten bored and walked out the front door I would probably still have a cat.

Now excuse me while I go yell at the kids who are rock climbing on the decorative rock of the apartment building. I’m a spinster, it’s what we do.

2 thoughts on “They know…

  1. Anne

    I don’t like cats either. They terrified me, I think they’re evil-minded and I hate their mocking eyes. Poor you, then!!
    Hahaha this moment with Lorelai was sooo funny.

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