Cereal Combos

This morning I decided to try one of the cereal combos that Rory & Paris invented.  Well not exactly because I didn’t have five different kinds of cereal or half and half. I settled on Captain Crunch & Cinnamon Toast Crunch because they both have Crunch in the name. Surprise surprise I don’t own any grown up cereals. Hey, I like to solve the puzzles on the back of the box while I eat. It gets my brain ready for the rest of the day.

Eventually, the cinnamon overpowered everything and the different sizes and shapes of the cereal didn’t allow for them to become soggy at the same rate. It was good, but I wouldn’t necessarily do that combo again. I can see how it would be helpful if you had to eat something boring like shredded wheat and wanted to liven it up with Cocoa Pebbles. I’m so good at cooking.

4 thoughts on “Cereal Combos

  1. Maddison

    just wanted to let you know I absolutely love your blog and site here =P
    I never comment, coz I read it in an RSS reader, but I read every single post, and it always makes me smile =)

    So thanks for posting! Don’t stop =P


  2. Leslie

    Hey this isn’t about cereal but there isn’t a place for me to just send you a note….. so just a few things to add um on the book list you are missing The Art of War refernced to Francie in the girls washroom by Rory, and Howl the book Jess “borrowed” and wrote in the margins. on the movie list you are missing Ghost refernced by Lizz to Luke after him and Lorelei broke up TJ thought she was talking about Speed (you have that one)….in 4.4 they couldn’t have refernced Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as it didn’t come out for another year and a half after that season it would have been Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory….Willy Wonka is with Gene and Charlie is with Depp. Just thought you’d like to know…..I own all the seasons and have watched them all aleast 6 times each(probably more LOL)

  3. julie carobini

    Never tried this specifically, however I do often try to eat as much as L&R do while never ever gaining weight. So far I’ve been unsuccesful.

    But seriously, I stopped by today because I had a big Lorelai moment this morning and blogged about it. Then I thought of you and your fun blog. If you have a chance, stop by ;D
    ~Julie C

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