The Worst Acting Award Goes To…

I’ve always defended the acting on the show. I usually say something like “Did you see them talk fast?ย  Rory, show them how you talk fast.” There is one scene that is supposed to be serious but makes me laugh every time. It takes place in Season 4 in the episode “Nag Hammadi is where They Found the Gnostic Gospels” It’s the scene where a drunk Luke goes to fix Lorelai’s window and has a ranting fit about what Jess said to him and accidentally cuts his hand. I live in Utah & Luke isn’t even a convincing drunk to me. It’s the worst acting I’ve seen on any show ever. I can only assume that he taught April how to cry. What do you think is the worst acting on Gilmore Girls?

18 thoughts on “The Worst Acting Award Goes To…

  1. ali

    I have seasons 1-7 on DVD, and i am just now watching (with my mommm) every single episode. tonight we finally are on the second episode of season 5, and the other night we watched the drunk episode. i ALWAYS think the acting is wonderful, but i was watching this scene and just thinking.. wow this isn’t even credible.

    BUT i am so excited that you exist, everyone seems to have forgotten Gilmore Girls!

  2. Kaitlin

    Every scene with April drives me absolutely crazy especially her crying scenes. Terrible acting.

  3. Leslie

    I agree April has gotta be the worst actress on the show but yes Luke does not act very good at being drunk lol

  4. dellice, clancy

    got a hand full of barbie.. one of my fav line of the whole series, BUT luke drunk was sooo sooo bad until he passed out on the lounge ๐Ÿ™‚ good pass out acting,,, APRil sigh *

  5. k

    Agreed on the April situation.

    Also, there is a part in the 2nd season (pretty sure), when Lorelei accepts Max’s proposal via cellphone and then walks into the grandparents’ dining room to tell Rory and they rejoice. Its AWKWARD. Especially Rory. That is the ultimate moment of bad acting to me, excitement=inhibition, not… awkward.

  6. Maryam

    I know this post was so long ago, but I JUST found this blog, and you, my friend are totally awesome. I absolutely love this blog, and, like Ali said, I am so happy some people do still remember Gilmore Girls!
    Oh, and I totally agree that that’s a really bad scene, along with when they jump along happily to Max’s proposal.
    Oh, and April is horrible. Just.ew.

  7. Anne

    You’ll hate me, but Alexis Bledel is the worst actress on the show for me.
    I agree to say that she really is convincing as Rory: the character is perfect for her and she really understands Rory. Plus, we really believe that she’s Lorelai’s daughter and that she loves her mom.
    BUT when she has to cry, or to be angry or anything else, I’m quite obliged to close my eyes because that’s awful. She doesn’t know how to cry. The scene in season 4 with Dean, when she went to the inn to find her mom and finally cries with Dean is terrible! And when she became hysterical at the psy (it would have been funny but it was pathetic).

  8. Anne

    I agree to say that this scene with Luke is weird! Scott doesn’t know how to play a drunk guy, that’s cute!
    I’m really impressed by Kelly Bishop playing and Paris playing! Lauren is good, too, of course! And I think she’s really convincing in Parenthood, too.

  9. Tory

    About the girls on GG, everyone is hilarious but april’s laughter aah!! and alexis although pleasent to look at I think she’ll better if she stuck to modelling. Even her kissing scene aren’t convincing.

  10. Mackenzie

    I love the scene where Luke is drunk. It’s not the best acting I’ve seen, but he makes me laugh every time. “Got a handful of Barbie!”

    I think one of the worst scenes is when Rory goes to the psychologist and crumbles because of Logan. I don’t know if they tried to make it more comical or what, but it’s awful.

    And definitely agreed that the girl they got to play April was a terrible choice. I can’t stand any scene with her in it.

  11. lorna

    whatever. RORY is the worst actress EVER. you guys are crazy. April is fine. RORY SUCKS. She is gets worse and worse – and season 6 and 7 with Logan – she is so crappy. Seriously?!

  12. Shelly

    Alexis Bledel is by far the worst cryer. Seriously, when she cries to Logan when he’s leaving to go to London, I actually felt embarrassed and uncomfortable just watching it. Someone has already mentioned the time she cried to Dean. That almost looked like she was suppose to be faking it.

    ALL THAT SAID, I think she’s a perfect Rory. Basically, as long as she just talks cute and makes cute faces, she hits it out of the park. But when she goes outside those very limited boundaries, you quickly see how limited of an actress she is.

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