Channeling Brennan

Remember when Brennan doesn’t write anything down but he never gets anything right either and the town revolts? I had a surreal experience when I walked into a dinner and realized that the waitress wasn’t writing down orders. She seemed to be remembering everything, kind of smugly like she was too good for paper or something. Chaos ensued.

I asked for water to drink. She brought me a basket of fries. I started eating the fries, because they are made out of fries, when I realized that they were probably supposed to go to another table. Too late. I considered dumbing down my order to just rye toast but it was lunch time. I was so hungry that I ordered something like “Whatever you think I ordered. I’ll basically take any plate that you bring out.” This girl seriously brought a plate out into the dining area and shouted across the whole space “Who had the ribs?” Hello Brennan, nice to meet you.

3 thoughts on “Channeling Brennan

  1. miss chevious

    i would SO be brennan. i’ve always wanted to try being a waitress for a day because my short-term memory sucks more often than not and i know i’d be bringing everyone water because i couldn’t remember what they’d originally ordered. 🙂

  2. jackiii

    The fact that you found a diner with a brennan, amazes me. I have always wanted to eat at the same place on a daily basis, and order the usual.

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