Town Movie Night

I was ecstatic to see that my town was implementing a free movie night. I envisioned sitting in a town square crying with a bunch of strangers over Casablanca. (We do not have a town square but maybe they’d build one for movie night.) As I looked through the movie list I had a very Lorelei moment. Every movie was a documentary about rock climbing. Documentary is too exciting of a word. I can only assume that they are working from Taylor Doose’s approved movie list. Most of them could have the description “Man with camera walks a long ways wearing a backpack” films they are showing in my town.

I yearn for the Yearling.

3 thoughts on “Town Movie Night

  1. Linda

    I must say, I’m easily entertained and love lame movies. I’m totally digging that description: “Man with camera walks a long ways wearing a backpack.”

  2. miss chevious

    have you ever seen “bear man” or “walks with bears” or …oh crap i forgot the title, but it’s a documentary about a guy who spends every summer living with grizzles…until he gets eaten by one.

  3. Dena

    Omg, did you that Lauren and Alexis reunited for the Answer Man premiere in New York. That movie looks so good. I cant wait to see it on friday. Lauren never disappoints. <3<3<3

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