Stealing thunder

I think my dad was a little bit disappointed when he bought a Jeep.  He had been saving up for this manly car for years & I ruined it by saying “Ohhh that’s what Lorelai Gilmore drives.”  I didn’t offer to go off roading with him.  I didn’t ask just how many vertical feet it could climb without tipping over.  Instead, I said “So can I drive around in it & listen to Carol King?”  He let me & it was fabulous.  Jeeps are noiser than they appear on the show.

3 thoughts on “Stealing thunder

  1. jackiii

    Lol! Ever since I started watching Gilmore Girl’s I have wanted a jeep. They are so cool.

  2. Sarah

    I would imagine this is the response I would give if my parents were to buy a jeep =) And those zip up windows are so practical hehe

  3. miss chevious

    did you know they were auctioning off both jeeps that they used on GG on ebay a little after the show ended? i sooo wanted one! my boyfriend’s brother used to have one (with the zipper windows and everything!) and you’re right…definitely noisier than you’d expect.

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