All About Eve

Paris makes a reference to Eve Harrington when Rory is supposed to give a Yale tour to that Anna girl.  Of course, I looked up who Eve Harrington was, found it was from the classic movie called All About Eve & hunted down the 1950s movie.

I had assumed that I had already watched All About Eve, just because it’s talked about a lot.  I had not.  I also assumed that I knew the general story line.  I did not.  I even assumed that Bettie Davis would annoy me with her Bettie Davis eyes.  She did not.  This film was captivating &  it’s hard to captivate me because I’m cynical.

5 thoughts on “All About Eve

  1. liss

    Maybe you found the movie captivating because it is cynical?

    I just love that the same actress (Anne Baxter) has a similar role in The Ten Commandments, when she was Nefretiri. Strangely those are the only films I’ve seen her in, even though she did dozens of films.

  2. jackiii

    Gilmore Girls often gets me into trouble, because I quote, the refrences sometimes and then people just assume that I know about what ever I have refrenced.

  3. Jennifer

    You crack me up! I’m cynical too and I appreciate others that are also. I get sick of posers talking about these stupid movies that are so great just because they think it makes them “artsy” or clever. They really just look like idiot followers because most of the time the movies or “films” are stupid. Thanks for the movie review. I will check it out. I watched a movie a while back that I thought was great. I don’t think it was mentioned in Gilmore Girls, but it stars Joan Crawford and there are some references to her on the show. It’s called Humoresque, and it’s a musical. I’m not a fan of musicals, but the end of the movie was great, or maybe I was just in one of those moods.

  4. Jennifer

    In response to Jackiii……I do the same thing with the refrences! I actually got busted tonight when I was telling my step-father that I found it amusing when people curse in cross stitch. (I actually do, and I was working on a cross stitch) Only I forgot I had got the brilliant discovery from Gilmore Girls. Sure enough not 30 minutes later, I was watching Gilmore Girls and it was the VERY episode. Only they said “needlepoint”. Same thing, but it was funny. I wonder how many of the other little things I say that reference the show, and I don’t even realize it.

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