Is Baby Talk Bad for Babies?

Babies have always slightly freaked me out.  They are so tiny & helpless & don’t understand sarcasm.  There’s just a lot of ways that I could unintentionally emotionally scar them.  So I was curious when I watched the episode after Davey was born.  Lorelai got in trouble from the Dula for talking baby talk to him.  This was especially confusing because Lorelai had said in another episode that kids can learn bathroom as easy as they can say the word potty so there is no use for the word potty.  I believe she said that a young Rory had referred to it as the room where legends go to die. This made me wonder is baby talk really bad for babies?

I was expecting to find a wealth of information on the subject.  Instead, I finally dug up an article from the New York Times….from 1914.  Apparently, in 1914 the general thinking of the day was that grown ups should lead by example so children can learn the proper way to speak.

Personally, I need the buffer with small children.  All I really have to talk to them about is how their cheeks are cute & I want to steal their noses. I just can’t imagine that this conversation will help with language acquisition.

Me:  So, you’re a baby huh.

Baby: stares

Me:  You going to crap your pants now or later?

7 thoughts on “Is Baby Talk Bad for Babies?

  1. miss chevious

    i think babies are cute–from a distance. as i’ve gotten older, i don’t like being around them very much since their mothers are constantly trying to make me hold them. and then proceed to ask me what my baby-making plans are. so they lose their cuteness very quickly. sigh.

  2. Linda

    I have no interest in babies. I find them exceedingly boring before the age of 2 (or thereabouts). Haha. I seem so cruel, but drooling, pooping, and crying are not appealing to me. I do not talk to babies in baby talk. I speak as I would to any normal human and I’m pretty sure babies think I’m crazy.

  3. Kaitlin

    I dont mind babies although they do sorta freak me out. I hate baby talk though. and omg this post was just too funny

  4. Jennifer

    I must say that I am scared of babies. It is rather unfortunate for me that I am currently 4 months pregnant. It’s just that when they come out they are all weird and ugly. They crap tar, and you think their tiny heads are going to fall off. It’s freaky holding other peoples newborn babies too. I’m like “that thing came out of your CROTCH a few days ago!” Despite this all I am excited about my baby, but with my neurotic ways I probably won’t let anyone else touch it. As far as baby talk goes……I dunno. Sounds stupid, but if that’s the only way to get it to stop crying……I can’t say I won’t try.

  5. Joseph Murphy

    Baby can understand soon after entering birthing canal of mother at delivery

    I was born 1956 in North Texas.
    And the Nurse and doctor did not know that I could hear them and understand them.
    every word of enlish they said to my mother.
    I was breech birth and could not move.
    They told my mother if she could not force me at delivery.
    they would have to put me to sleep and remove me in pieces from her birthing canal.
    and delivery was done in hospital
    pieces meant it was over with as life as i knew it for me.
    be carefull what you say at childs delivery it could come back to haunt you.
    baby’s can hear and decipher words meanings in english.
    it hapened to me

  6. Anne

    I don’t really like babies. Actually I kinda like them but I don’t want children, so!
    You have a great sense of humour.

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